What Is Reiki ?

Reiki is a path way to access unlimited energy of this universe, it is like a key which opens the lock of the universal energies and give an opportunity to connect yourself with this universe. It is like a unlimited access of universal energies which you can divert or transform in any manner. You can use it in the healing of health, wealth, emotions, spiritual path, divine path of Mokshah or in anything wherever you want with your true and pure intentions. Here in Mokshah Foundation, Mokshah- A divine path, we help you and guide you to make a deep connection with Reiki. The word Reiki is very beautiful word of Japanese language which comes from Japanese kanji. Kanji are ideograms used in the written language of Japan. The word Reiki is a represented by two kanji, Rei and Ki. Where general meaning of Rei is universe or mundane or esoteric which we can consider as universal and Ki can be understand or compared by the Chinese word Chi or Sanskrit word Prana or Hawaiian word Ti, which all represent energy or Biofield Energy. So we can say Reiki means cosmic divine energy. Reiki was discovered by MikaoUsui in March 1922. Reiki is a very simple yet a powerful technique that can be easilylearned and then by practicing it you can do well in this.

How Reiki Works?

Reiki is not your inner energy,it is an universal energy which passes from your body, so at the time of Reiki healing your body becomes a channel or medium of Reiki energy or Reiki flow. And with the intention of healing or other spiritual practices you can use that cosmic energy in that.

How To Become Reiki Channel?

Mrs. HawayoTakata classified Reiki in few levels, Reiki level 1, Reiki level 2, Reiki Master Healer (level 3a) and Reiki Master Teacher (Reiki Grandmaster or level 3b). It is a spiritual journey which you start from level 1 and then just go into deeper and deeper. Reiki teaching is always followed by Guru Shishyparampara, To become a Reiki channel you must need to get attunement from a Reiki master teacher, and then you can start your practice under the guidance of your Reiki master.

Why Should I Become A Reiki Channel?

With the help of Reiki energy you can heal yourself, others,cure diseases, chronic diseases, health issues, emotional issues, psychic attacks, relationships, any type of problems, attract your dream, career, abundance, purpose of life, money, wealth, effects of planets and so on. the Divine Purpose of Life.

Is Reiki A Religion?

There is a difference between religion and spirituality, Reiki is a path of spirituality by which you can access the unlimited cosmic energy of this universe, it does not depends on belief of any religion or anything. Reiki is just a habit which gives you the access of endless energy of this cosmos.

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