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Osho- A mystic – most controversial spiritual teacher Kundali |Horoscope|Vedic Astrology

Osho- A mystic – most controversial spiritual teacher or a sex guru

11 December 1931 | 17:44 | Kuchwada

Osho, a most controversial spiritual teacher, also famous as a sex guru who declared his enlightenment at the age of 21 in the year 1953.

Let’s discuss his chart, Osho kundali according to Vedic astrology.

Osho was born with Taurus Ascendant (Venus), Mrigshira Nakshatra (Mars), Scorpio Sun and Sagittarius moon, P.Shada Moon Nakshatra (Venus).

Osho kundali
OSHO kundli

Philosopher and a controversial spiritual teacher in Osho’s horoscope:

Osho’s chart is Taurus ascendant and its lord Venus (lord of intimacy, sexuality, love, passion, spirituality, desire, and luxury) is in the 8th house, (In the house of philosophy, occult, sex – intimacy, Secrecy, and Research) in the sign of Sagittarius, (Sign of religion, spirituality). So he was passionately involved in all these things and its lord Jupiter (planet of knowledge, religion, and spirituality) is exalted in 3rd house (house of communication and teaching) in the nakshatra of Mercury (Planet of communication and teachings) within the exchange of third house lord Moon. which made him a wonderful teacher of philosophy, tantra, and spirituality.

Money and finance in Osho’s kundali:

Osho, a person who didn’t even have his bank account when he was able to go to the USA and even stayed there for about 5 years only on the money of his followers and disciples, developed a city of 120 sq miles in Oregon state and named it “Rajneeshpuram”. He got 93 Rolls Royce and so on.

So how he got all this? So the answer is 2nd house = own wealth but 8th house = other people’s wealth. Osho had 5 planets in his 8th house aspect his 2nd house, even 2nd lord Mercury was also one of them. Which helped him to other people’s wealth become his wealth.

Osho and Controversy| Osho Vedic astrology :

Osho’s life was controversial, sometimes due to arguments with his teachers, principal or sometimes due to his lectures and openness towards sex and intimacy.

8th house represents controversies and sexuality, now he has 5 planets in the 8th house and there is an exchange between the 8th and third house where his 8th lord Jupiter is exalted in the 3rd house. That’s why he never tried to run away from controversies, even it looks like he enjoyed dealing with controversies. 

Osho and his Relationships:

Osho never hide his relationships, he never got married but he had multiple relationships and he was very open about love and relationships. He never got married due to the 7th lord is in the 8th house, the sun is in the 7th house, Ketu is in the 7th in Navmansha, but he was very open and had multiple relationships due to Rahu and Jupiter’s aspects to his 7th house.

Major life events

  • In the year 1951 in Moon/Mercury Dasha, he started his college but in Moon/Ketu Dasha he asked to leave the college due to conflict with his teachers.
  • In the year 1955 in Mars/Jupiter Dasha, he completed his degree in philosophy from another college but he was not allowed to attend classes there as well. He was permitted just to give an examination and complete his degree.
  • In the year 1955, he got admission in MA Philosophy in Mars/Saturn Dasha as Saturn is his 9th lord (higher education) as well and he was a very brilliant student.
  • In 1960 in Mars/Sun he became a very bright and popular lecturer. As the sun is his 4th lord and aspect his Lagna from 7th house.
  • In 1966 in Rahu/Saturn Dasha he ended his carrier as a philosophy teacher by resigning due to his controversial speech.
  • In 1968  in Rahu/Saturn Dasha he published his very popular article “Sex to Super Consciousness”. Which made him very famous and controversial even many people started calling him by the name of sex guru.
  • In 1974 in Rahu/Venus Dasha he migrated to Pune due to health issues in Mumbai as Venus is his lord of the 6th house as well.
  • In 1981 in Jupiter/Saturn Dasha he relocated to the USA, as exalted Jupiter and Sun (Nakshatra lord of Saturn) are aspected by Rahu.
  • In 1985 in Jupiter/Mercury/Saturn Dasha went to jail for 12 days, due to illegal activities in the period of Saturn and deported to India back.
  • In 1987 in Jupiter/Venus Dasha he again settled in Pune, as Jupiter is his profit and Venus is his ascendant which helped him to gain more success.
  • In 1989 in Jupiter/Venus to Jupiter/Sun, he declared himself Osho, as Sun and Venus both always been very beneficial for his success.
  • In 1990 January 19 in Jupiter/Sun/Mercury at the peak of his Sadesati as his Moon is in Sagittarius at 23 degrees and Saturn was transiting there with 24 degrees, he died as Jupiter is his 8th lord, Sun and Jupiter both are in the Nakshatra of Mercury and Mercury is 2nd lord placed in 8th.

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